How to find business opportunities from the casual look at the customer

almost every shop business people should encounter such a situation, there will always be a customer like this, they are often look into the store, the owner once asked, "just look at the answer is often". In the face of such a customer group, if a little careless, it is possible to lose. So, how to look at the business from the casual look at the business opportunities?

in our daily operations, and sometimes come in one or two customers, we have not yet received a warm greeting, the customer will take the initiative to say, I just look at". Sometimes looked at, the customer left, from the beginning to the end, we did not even say a word. Now the business is not good to do this, I felt anxious, what these "take" the customer, really just look around?

example of this experience, I have my own ideas and practices:

when the customer said look, I just said, "well, you just take a look at it." But my eyes are mild free in their footsteps, when customers take a relatively long time to carefully watch certain goods, the customer may be interested in this product, this product may enter his Lenovo this stage, but I went to attract customers, recommended products, urge the best time to buy;

when the customer’s eyes showed eager to find a commodity, or gaze on a commodity, to hand contact, this item shows customers interested in performance, and accelerated to confirm that they are not need this product, this is I close to the customer and ask the customer how to feel good time;

when the "take" the customer is a commodity to attract, stop, I immediately look at the past customer goods, this paper introduces the advantages, characteristics and the goods to customers, stimulate the customer’s desire to buy;

when the "take" the customer on goods for a long time, suddenly looked up, there are two possible, one is looking for a salesperson, to carefully asked about the details of a commodity, timely close to the customer, I will watch the step of answers to questions, to promote the deal. The two is decided not to buy, decided to leave, at this time, if we can timely close customer inquiries or recommend similar goods, often have the opportunity to restore, some clients will say what he believes are not satisfied with the place.

every customer’s personality is different, the store naturally need to have a different attitude, so as to retain customers. In short, the "take" the customer, we should be good at observing customer expression, expression, obtained from the reflected information, accurately grasp the close time of the information analyzed by, from the casual look for business opportunities in this type of customer transaction.

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