Beware of scam rural entrepreneurial coup

for the rich people so eager to cheat a good opportunity to cheat, every year there will be a lot of people being cheated on the road of entrepreneurship. How to beware of rural self employment scam? Many investors are eager to figure out the problem.

A, for free: in recent years, there have been "for free" advertising reported in the newspaper, when you go to the electric signal contact, they are not to send packing, is to charge of technical cooperation or contract justice charges. When you send the money, some of them send some so-called seeds, and some even have no news. They were "free for misleading" signs, tricked into buying. You know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

two, to sell some: now, see a variety of newspapers and periodicals about advertising is the sale of money orders, all kinds of mixed beads, deceptive money, cry up wine and sell vinegar also had a very normal or meet the eye everywhere, some seeds have been eliminated to the so-called "good company", "Research Institute" in the hands of it is the latest blow into the best varieties, often the wrong person, with the ordinary varieties newly bred as treasures, it is the introduction of people not to laugh. For example, currently have to fire than the "ginseng fruit", in fact, the so-called treasure is just at the beginning of the 90s – One’s reputation was a byword. pear.

three, rich machinery: over the past two years, many of the rich machinery and project of every hue appeared frequently in many media advertising, these supply units all bear the production technology transfer process and formula, the task operation training. Some also provide marketing programs, the establishment of the use of the trademark factory procedures…… It’s really a service. Admittedly, some manufacturers sell, however, big fish blowing its performance also no lack of such people, which requires us to the eyes, from the actual situation, careful investigation, must not blind.

four, high recovery: a lot of people XXX Institute of medicine and XX medicine market signs, sales of seeds and seedlings, some varieties of price decline in advertising claims is the development of wanton boast, shortage of medicines prescribed by the state, and the advertisement gave people a vague.

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