Do business there are a few cases to tell you

business is a learning, not what people can do to succeed, it requires entrepreneurs to put more into the application of wisdom. If you do not know how to use the accumulated wisdom, wisdom, then the business will "defeat" is a very easy thing, through this case, we take a look at what is learned to do business.

A, borrow thinking, enhance the image of

in many aspects

one day supplies manufacturers in China market, do something to make a lot of peers cannot read what is the stores open in their rent is very high, the cost is very high in the city center square, to the left of a shop, is the famous top brands: Chanel.

two, precise positioning, seize the customer

Taxi driver

[] to see through the essence of entrepreneurial inspiration, taxi master body pain, such as hemorrhoids, lumbar spine, dig customer needs, and thus easy to customer.

three, promote customer repeat purchase

a sell high-end men’s clothing store business attire, launched membership service is: every month free for your dry cleaning shop to buy clothes. Ordinary members 1 times, 2 times and 3 times gold silver.

then sell the clothes in this shop, their members to get my clothes back every time to dry cleaning, waiting to take clothes, have to look at the shop the new clothing, look for a long time, buy too much.

the high-end men’s clothing shop business through the dry cleaning service free, locked up enough customers for the consumer. You see, the gift is so powerful!

[] with a small entrepreneurial inspiration of value-added services, allowing customers to repeat the most willing to come to the store, so as to easily lock customers.

four, to increase the profits of

see two pile of dishes in a vegetable stall in front of.

> ask customers

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