Henan Yutong Bus and other selected 2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project

With the continuous development of science and technology, many local enterprises have made a series of development in

. In the intelligent today, many local enterprises have made great achievements. This time, Henan Yutong, selected in 2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, we look at the specific details of the event.

6, a reporter from Henan industry and Information Committee was informed that the Ministry announced the "2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project list" in our province, Yutong Bus (600066, shares) of the "bus intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration" selected. In accordance with the relevant requirements, selected items of technical level in the domestic or international advanced level, equipment and system demonstration projects to use safe and controllable, and the project in reducing operation cost, shorten the product development cycle, improve production efficiency and reduce product defect rate, improve the utilization rate of energy in five aspects has achieved remarkable results.

in addition, in the comprehensive standard of the Ministry of Finance in 2016 and the new mode of application of intelligent manufacturing pilot work in our province, there are four companies selected, namely CITIC Heavy Industries (601608, shares) of the "special robot intelligent manufacturing factory", China a "new type of intelligent manufacturing new wheeled tractor mode of application", Xinxiang Aviation Industry Corp "aircraft key parts of the digital workshop, Zhengzhou Institute of Abrasives grinding, high performance super hard materials intelligent manufacturing mode".

in the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, many enterprises have made considerable progress. In particular, the full use of the Internet, the development of high-tech. In the process of economic globalization, Henan’s economy has been greatly developed, the relevant enterprises have also been considerable development, has far-reaching significance.

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