What are the six principles of restaurant naming

wants to achieve hot restaurant business, not only need to operate a good product, need to have a high quality service, but also need to have a more attractive name. How to name a restaurant? In fact, this is related to the principle of reference. So, what is the name of the restaurant? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the six principles.

(a) simple and clear

restaurant name can not be too obscure, should be able to make all the target guests can easily understand, so as to facilitate the guests to restaurant information communicated to other people. Simple restaurant name usually easily spread between the guest, xiangeqing, Prince Xuan, small blue whale, drunk Jiang month, sunny day the Wuhan restaurant name, is very simple, but the meaning is very profound.

, fried women with dining name attract guests

has a couple of two want to open a small area, is a small restaurant dishes popular homely food. In order to let the person or the person who passed by a deep impression, the couple thought over and over again to the restaurant named for the husband with the woman, this name is both easy to understand, and good to remember, attracted a lot of followers.


easy to remember

the name of the restaurant must be very smooth, convenient to the guest memory, so that it can transmit. To do this, the name of the restaurant must pay attention to the charm of the language and patency, but also should always consider the needs of the consumer to capture the spirit, resonate with consumers. For those humorous names, customers are generally remember unconsciously, Rudong to Shun Restaurant, Pakistan will pan, Kawa Ko, * * * haoxianglai Restaurant Restaurant etc.. On the contrary, some of the restaurant’s name but make people feel uncomfortable and moral, feeble, as the young girl restaurant, restaurant etc..

happy to eat the code to make the guests happy

with the CCTV ace program Happy Dictionary popular on both sides of the Changjiang River restaurant owner in the name, some moving from the mind. For example, Chongqing Yubei District a restaurant owner and a trump card column climbing up relatives, the name changed to eat happy dian. As a sign hung on the door, four words not only the shape and arrangement of the CCTV and happy dictionary is similar, even the symbolic red peach also swagger in the sign. The boss said, after the sign hung up, business is much better than before, many diners ran happy to eat the name of the code to. With CCTV ace column climbing ‘relatives’ spread quickly and convenient! The boss said with a smile.

(three) highlights selling point

small restaurant name can not be vague, not only to pay attention to these points straightaway, catchy >

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