August 2017

through effective data analysis, understand user behavior, to improve customer service, increase website viscosity, better meet the needs of users and visitors. Through the website of statistical tools such as the love of Shanghai, I want (51la Statistics), CNZZ data experts, YAHOO statistics, Google webmaster statistical software, statistical code.


through the data statistics to more clearly understand user behavior. Those pages and content to attract users, users often access those pages are those pages, spend most of their time, how to browse the depth, users often use the entrance. Through the summary of such pages highlight the advantages of the use of such a page, other pages, to optimize further on the site. In the promotion of the time focused on publicity and promotion. read more

on the other hand, for some of the B2B industry, such as the company’s large equipment (such as industrial equipment), search engines play a role instead of the traditional "personal selling" play a role in. The establishment and expansion may be through various channels such as fairs or supplier meeting produce famous brand.

2. competitive analysis and evaluation benchmark

once you have enough money to support, then the next.

1. on the industry and the audience behavior

finally, search rankings and competitors compared to its own brand, to see whether their website also can always appear in the front page, even if you constantly refresh. Whether you because the budget is limited, so that the brand visibility in search on your competitors? If so, you can take this as an excuse for additional investment. read more

on the morning of July 8th, or the daily habits, webmaster tools query rankings included what the. Check at. Included reducing, originally included more than 200 papers, now there is only a dozen articles. Love is also not a snapshot of Shanghai. My first reaction is that the site was K. At that time, and several webmaster friends do Links. So the first time to notify the webmaster, cancel the station Links, so as not to harm the innocent. In fact, I do not know what


today’s ranking or return to K before ranking. Need I quite looking forward to the first page. Because in this month, I still work to be done around the keywords to do. Now still marking time. Is my promotion this month are basically zero. read more

straight to the point, not pull. Local talent net as a local large-scale web site, how to optimize? We all know that the first step is to choose keywords Shanghai dragon, local talent net should be how to choose what keywords? For example: the Weinan talent network talent website, the first page keyword is "Weinan talent network" and "Weinan recruitment network", but the search volume of the two words is relatively small, it is reasonable that local talent website generally only local users will go to search, and those who need to find work or recruit business people. First look at the Weinan talent network of some of the basic data: read more

Shanghai index to explain love

can be seen in the figure with Gongyi have been bold, draw the conclusion: the website URL optimization in the search engine, it is particularly important, search engine included how or when the appropriate keyword ranking, URL search engine will be paid attention to, so as to have a better ranking. The appropriate URL means: one is to meet the user experience, one is easy to be included in the search engine. Let the user from URL that your website is about what about what information can be obtained, and so on, if the user wants to meet, then you will get the website user experience. The site uses 2 level domain name, URL short, or English in Pinyin letters, love is the search engine, it can easily be included. read more

3, the foreign chain chain are more stringent, many sites with a decline in February 22, 2011, the best evidence for this is the love of Shanghai foreign chain operation, there is a forum for information platform and special leave the chain (garbage Chain Forum) have different degrees of right down, when you release the chain in these sites to be included even if will not have much effect.

The quality requirements of

4, love Shanghai search page is a big update, pay more attention to the user experience. For example, you need to know the weather today, only to fall in love with the sea search "weather" the word can display the current weather conditions for three days or so. There are some changes according to your own search of. read more

first of all I want to say the sentence is, what is the Shanghai dragon team, Shanghai dragon team about how many people. In my eyes and not that many people is good, do not work one thousand ten thousand is no good. Shanghai dragon team = Shanghai dragon head of +2 + + program editor of Shanghai Longfeng staff I personally feel for the general operation of the project can be in operation. Some friends may say you don’t don’t artists? Art is not that important, but the current situation is not to say the site layout has special requirements of the big customer. And now the general program will point graphics, this is a normal thing. read more

is now a lean start-up, but it doesn’t mean anything can be done,

said some digression in writing before, this is a very loud Wangzhuan two years, more and more newcomers to join the industry, the dream to make money in the computer and in the surrounding pleasure, more and more peers abandoned their interpersonal circle, are at home every day, or do the site, or when the Internet writer first, no matter how you work, personally I still hope that friends can correct view of our industry, just a way Wangzhuan our survival, not all of life. If we have time, we must treat our life as a normal office worker. All right, no nonsense. Start the text. read more

match up: not the same as stationmaster, the friends of chain requirements are not the same, most of the owners are still struggling with the PR value chain (currently only on Google ranking useful effect on love Shanghai ranking has been reduced), but also some owners pay more attention to weight love Shanghai, and others about her stand when the stand is to emphasize their advantages, such as the seconds, the next snapshot, normal station IP, every day.

, CMG immigration here to tell you how new sites in the short term, in exchange for a large number of high quality Links, let the exchange links do not become in distress, the following specific to explain how I was for a few tips Links: read more

All kinds of

linkbait refers to create a useful, interesting and attractive content, in order to attract external links. Of course, not limited to those who, through their own efforts, to attract others most willing to link can be counted as a link bait. Of course, it is called bait, often because of these, the chain refers to the page often has some particularity, whether it is funny, especially resources (you know), or resource uniqueness, it is very special.

resources can be a further discussion or tutorial article, can also be a product (download some topics such as foreign), can also be a data list and so on various forms, all users can get what they want from this page. For example, the station created a special list of topics, can help readers to complete reading about all the articles related to the implementation of WordPress technology in Shanghai dragon. read more