November 2017

webmaster user point of view, he had when, as long as you recommend a brand and give it to him, do you recommend? We should stand in the different angles: 1, business perspective. 2 platform 3, the user’s point of view. Don’t stand in the perspective of the business, because all the competitors are standing in the perspective of the business, we mainly from the user point of view.



: my understanding is that they do not understand why the user is asked this question, then the user’s reason is when users buy tachograph in Taobao Jingdong on the very hesitant, afraid to buy fake, not afraid to buy the right goods, for fear of being so. Obviously, on the front page of the website does not solve the user inside the ridge, these sites did not solve the hidden needs of users, users want to buy a high quality and inexpensive. How to let users rest assured read more

this section about Shanghai dragon when the polymerization effect of small and medium-sized knowledge points. What is the Shanghai dragon polymerization knowledge? Such formulations have not, for the elucidation of my personal point of view, this is my present. A little knowledge of Shanghai dragon polymerization is such a concept, is a large knowledge point layers after the split produces little knowledge, from the knowledge point are selected to carry out a meaning extension, or synonyms of different forms of expression. For example, there are many kinds of prostate disease, after the split, the patients with prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, hypertrophy of the prostate and prostate cancer, but it can be split into prostatitis symptoms, prostatitis harm, prostatitis and so on. According to the first partition method, then we will further prostatitis symptom spin off, if we can pee symptoms as a knowledge point. According to the symptoms of pee we get a set of knowledge phrases, such as urine, urine weakness, dribbling, waiting, urinary urgency and frequency, urine bifurcation etc.. read more