first_imgThe authority was investigating whether Local Tapiola Pension’s retirement funds were transferred to Local Tapiola’s non-life insurance company using overpriced service contracts.The mutual pension insurance company bought technical and personnel services from the other companies of Local Tapiola Group over 2013, as it did not have the necessary networks and technology of its own.The authority was also investigating whether Local Tapiola Pension provided the watchdog with all relevant information regarding these liabilities, before merging with Pension Fennia.The end result of the investigation was that the authority refrained from giving Elo a public notice, but simply criticised the firm for some of its procedures in 2013.Satu Huber, Local Tapiola Pension’s managing director in 2013, who is currently the deputy managing director at Elo, said the criticism focuses by and large on business decisions taken in 2013. “Fiva says some of our service contracts with other parts of the Local Tapiola group should have been cancelled before the merger was confirmed,” she told IPE.“But how realistic doing this would have been before the merger … is another matter. The board and all parties were also aware of all the service contracts.”Huber believes a misunderstanding lies behind the investigation.“The media activity around this issue clearly discounted the fact that reports and investigations like this are the routine work of Fiva,” she said.”However, we are taking the authority’s criticism seriously. Elo’s board will convene in the near future to discuss the issue.” Finland’s Financial Supervisory Authority (Fiva) has refrained from giving Elo Mutual Pension Insurance a public warning for misconduct, but has reprimanded the company for some of its practices in 2013, Elo announced this week.Earlier this autumn, the supervisory authority investigated whether the managing director and board members of Local Tapiola Pension failed to abide by the local law on mutual pension insurance companies in 2013.Local Tapiola Pension was the predecessor of €19.4bn Elo Mutual Pension Insurance, launched together with Pension Fennia on 1 January 2014.The case was publicised initially by local news daily Helsingin Sanomat.last_img read more

first_imgAs far back as anyone can remember, there have been myths and storytelling about cats believed to have ‘witchcraft’ abilities. And now a small community in Mount Barkley believe they have seen one for themselves.Cats, like the one pictured above, are held accountable for their actions whenever they ‘misbehave,’ like stealing fish form someone’s pot, or making vulgar sounds in the night while everyone is trying to sleep.A stray cat that appeared in the community months ago had everyone talking about it in the early mornings because the cat, “always screamed and cried like a real child through the entire night, breaking everyone’s sleep. Day break, you’ll see the cat hiding alongside people’s houses to steal their fish or other food that was left unprotected.” The cat was defined as a ‘witchcraft cat.’In historic studies, cats are thought to be mysterious creatures with supernatural powers and of course, for some Liberians, they can also be really great pets, or an edible dish served on a platter of pepper sauce and ketchup.“Yes, we want everyone to see what the cat has done and that cats are bad. People should stop having them around, especially when they are in witch,” stated Boi, who pranced around with a cat nailed on a cross.Many community dwellers have claimed that whenever the cat comes around, bad things, such as the loss of loved ones, fire outbreaks, etc., happen, “and when you check around, you’ll see the thing (cat) running away. So today, we decided to catch the cat,” Boi added.Meanwhile, voices of all genders and ages screamed and laughed as the cat was paraded from one community to the next, and later roasted and eaten. Some people even insisted that those that had toyed with the dying cat, whose circulation had been cut off from being tied to the cross, also be punished for touching it.The fate of the cat was witnessed after the Daily Observer ran across the scene of men, women and children running and laughing behind each other towards a grassy area. There the cat’s neck was broken, snapped back; and then it was doused in what looked like gasoline and set ablaze as people watched.“Me pah, I can eat cat. Once the cat is dead, all the witchcraft activity is not inside it anymore, so it will be OK for us to eat it when the fire goes down. We will clean it fine, parboil it and you will see,” added an onlooker, who seemed pleased with the remains of the cat as some on lookers walked away.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) – Advertisement – The accused ‘witchcraft’ catlast_img read more

first_imgPeople need access to nature.  That’s what an article on Science Daily argued, based on work by Frances Kuo, a professor of natural resources and environmental science and psychology at the University of Illinois.  Why?  “Humans are evolved organisms and the environment is our habitat,” she said.The E word evolution did not show up elsewhere in the article, though.  Mostly, it discussed how her work showed that elderly adults, college students, and children with ADHD all do better in natural settings as opposed to urban settings devoid of trees and grass.  The article paraphrased Kuo’s reasoning why getting outdoors is healthy: “Humans living in landscapes that lack trees or other natural features undergo patterns of social, psychological and physical breakdown that are strikingly similar to those observed in other animals that have been deprived of their natural habitat, Kuo said.”As you know, CEH is a strong advocate of hiking and outdoor activity (01/05/2009, 06/22/2008, 05/10/2006), but the reasons have nothing to do with clueless evolutionary psychology (07/01/2008).  The original good creation put man and woman not in a city, but in a garden.  The first people were surrounded by plants and animals.  Even today, the beauty of a forest, the fresh air and the sight of other creatures tends to bring positive reactions in people.  We think that is not because we evolved with them, but were created with them, and were created with an innate sense of the good, the true, and the beautiful.What is nature, anyway?  Why does Kuo distinguish between people and nature?  This goes to show that “nature” is an equivocal word.  It can mean many things.  Evolutionists have no logical way to distinguish humans from “nature” – including their works.  The artificial gets subsumed under the natural.  To a consistent evolutionist, our cities, global warming, over-hunting, and other traits must necessarily be incorporated into the category “products of unguided, purposeless natural selection.”  This also means that humans are already in their “natural” habitat in the urban jungle, just as termites are in their hives.  So if we are evolved organisms, why do we need access to nature?Whatever calls us back to nature in appreciation of its beauty and order is a natural response of human nature; but that response is spiritual in nature.  See?  We told you that nature has multiple meanings.(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

first_img10 May 2013 South African financial services provider Nedbank is entering the Mozambique banking market through its acquisition of an initial 36% stake in Banco Unico worth US$24.4-million. “Expansion into the rest of Africa is one of Nedbank Group’s four key strategic areas,” managing executive of Nedbank’s Rest of Africa Investments division, Smit Crouse, said in a statement last week. “Our Rest of Africa strategy is to provide a one bank client experience through our strategic alliance with Ecobank in central and west Africa, and building Nedbank’s presence through our own operations in southern and east Africa. “This acquisition positions Nedbank well to service the increasing number of South African businesses operating in Mozambique,” he said. Banco Unico was established in 2011 by Portuguese investment company Group Americo Amorim Holdings and Group Visabeira through Gevisar. It is the sixth-largest full service bank in Mozambique. Investment in a branch expansion project is expected to propel the bank’s growth and will see the number of branches around the country doubling in the next few years. “The entrance of Nedbank into Banco Unico’s capital is part of the initial Gevisar long-term strategy and ambition,” said Group Americo Amorim’s vice-president and Gevisar board member, Paula Amorim. “Nedbank’s dimension, reputation and expertise combined with Gevisar’s entrepreneurship and international successful investment experience will enable a faster expansion and larger offer to better serve the Mozambican society and economy.” SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

first_imgIt’s unsurprising that we’re starting to see more and more of this type of application made available on the iPad, especially as tablets explode in adoption and continue to find their place in business and professional productivity. Rather than downloading a native iOS app from the App Store, users of Smartsheet can simply access it from the browser on their tablet device. Smartsheet starts at $9.95/month for a basic account. They’re offering a free 30-day trial, which you can activate from either the desktop or iPad. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… john paul titlow Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Smartsheet, a collaborative tool for managing work and projects, has been made available to iPad users in the form of an iOS-friendly, HTML5 Web app.At its core, Smartsheet is a bit like a glorified, Web-based spreadsheet program, but it’s geared toward managing tasks, planning projects and collaborating with others. It has calendars, Gantt charts and chat built right in, making an ideal solution for managing work and ensuring that nothing slips. The iPad version of the product lets you edit project documents and collaborate with others in real-time. Its interface is akin to the desktop version, but of course simplified and optimized for the tablet form factor. Tags:#biz#Software Guides 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

first_imgFor a long time, the folks that sell inbound marketing and “social selling” (which they are now struggling to differentiate from what they are calling “social marketing,” a distinction without a difference) have used CEB’s research that buyers are 57 percent into their buying process before they engage a salesperson to suggest that:Cold calling is dead.A salesperson can create no value before the point the buyer decides to engage.A salesperson’s only hope of being found when a buyer reaches that 57 percent mark is developing their personal brand on social media.A salesperson’s only chance of being relevant is by having content that serves the buyer when they decide to engage in exploring change.One should never interrupt the buyer, but rather one should serve the buyer, by helping them once they engage.CEB does not share this statistic to make any of the above points. Quite to the contrary, the point that they make with this statistic is that you should try to command as much of your dream client’s mindshare as they move down this path—especially when you can initiate the change by coming in at 0 percent!Because the buyer is doing a lot of work to understand and frame their problem, meet with people on their team, and explore some of their options before they proactively reach out to a salesperson, that isn’t an excuse to passively wait for your prospective client to reach out to you.But please don’t take my word for any of this. Listen here as I ask Brent Adamson (CEB, now Gartner) to explain this in his own words—and act accordingly.last_img read more

Tim Tebow Is Failing Up

With that said, minor league wins above replacement numbers must be taken with a grain of salt. Data from the levels below MLB is much less trustworthy, and the shorter seasons mean smaller sample sizes from which to draw conclusions.But you don’t need a total value calculation to confirm that Tebow has been outmatched on the field. Scouts have called his swing “stiff” and identified his pitch recognition as a potentially fatal flaw.When asked about the promotion, Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson made no mention of Tebow’s marketability, pointing instead to his “on-base, his isolated power, his swing, exit velocity.” We don’t have access to all the metrics the Mets track at the minor league level, so it’s hard to prove or disprove Alderson’s assertion that Tebow has improved in the last two weeks. He did post a .311 on-base percentage despite only hitting for a .220 average, so at least he can take a walk.We don’t know whether Tebow’s underlying exit velocity is really impressive or not, but the record of players who were as bad as he was in low-A is not encouraging. Of the 77 left fielders to ever post seasons as poor as Tebow’s, only one — Franchy Cordero of the San Diego Padres — eventually made it to the majors, where he’s now producing at about replacement level, with a .405 BABIP that suggests he’ll regress.Of course, Cordero was only 20 years old when he last played in low-A, and it took him four long years to climb from there to the majors. At 29, Tebow has a much more difficult road to travel before he can sniff the National League. On the other hand, given his recent promotion to high-A, the Mets may be holding him to considerably lower standards for each level of advancement. If he maintains the same level of poor performance (according to WAR) that he turned in during his time in Columbia, he could rack up a .556 OPS with the St. Lucie Mets and still theoretically find his way to Double-A. As a baseball player, Tebow may be unimpressive, but as a demonstration of the power of marketing, he is unsurpassed. On Tuesday, the nation’s most famous low-A ballplayer, Tim Tebow, was promoted to the New York Mets’ high-A affiliate in Port St. Lucie. It almost goes without saying that the move likely had less to do with baseball and more to do with marketing and selling tickets. Tebow was such an outsized star at this level of pro baseball that one opposing team went so far as to label his teammates as “Not Tim Tebow” on the scoreboard. (The team later apologized.)But let’s pretend for a moment that the Columbia Fireflies’ left fielder doesn’t have a Heisman Trophy, nearly 7 million followers on Twitter and Facebook and one of the sports world’s most successful brands. If he were your run-of-the-mill anonymous prospect delivering this level of performance, just how peculiar would his promotion be?The answer, as expected, is that it’s very, very peculiar. Tebow’s resume with the Fireflies was hardly awe-inspiring: In 64 games, he posted a .648 OPS, which would be poor for a third baseman, never mind a left fielder. Nor was his defense excellent, as his seven errors show. In fact, his overall performance was so poor that his promotion is one of the least probable in the last decade.Baseball Prospectus keeps detailed numbers on the low-A leagues going back to 2005. They track everything from slugging percentage to fielding runs above average, then total it all up into a minor league version of wins above replacement. According to that metric, Tebow’s season was actually below replacement level, in the 4th percentile of performance in the last 12 years of low-A ball. In fact, only 17 corner outfielders have posted worse seasons and still played in high-A within the same year. read more

Governor Beckinghams Latest Blog

first_img TCI tourism surges for 2015; March is biggest month Salvation Army does exceedingly abundantly more in Red Kettle Drive Premier to showcase TCI’s financial rebound at London meetings Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppClick below to view the Governor’s latest blog:http://blogs.fco.gov.uk/peterbeckingham/2014/09/01/keeping-tci-as-a-desination-of-choice/ Related Items:peter beckingham, shore club, stan hartling, tci tourism Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for youlast_img read more


first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppGOVERNOR AND POLICE COMMISSIONER DISCUSS SECURITY ISSUES WITH DOMINICAN REPUBLIC COMMUNITY: PLEDGE POLICE’S COMMITMENT TO FIND PERPETRATORSThe Governor, Peter Beckingham, met separately on 19 July the Premier and Police Commissioner and representatives of the Dominican Republic community to discuss the recent murder of a DR citizen, and developments since then. The Governor said,“I told Edwin Hernandez, a member of the DR Consulate-General, and members of the community how saddened I was to hear in London, when I was there last week on official business, of the tragic murder of Sorineida Moreno-Arias. Following the earlier murder of another DR citizen this is a tragic loss of a young life. I told the community that we have also reported these incidents to our Ambassador in Santo Domingo.“I said to the community that I had complete confidence in the Police Commissioner and his team who I knew were doing everything in their power to bring the perpetrator of this awful crime to justice. Commissioner Smith, who joined me for the meeting, and I underlined that the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force would leave no stone unturned to arrest the individual or individuals concerned.“Commissioner Smith and I also said to the DR representatives that we had no objections to the community arranging lawful events to express their anxiety at these recent incidents.  I was grateful for the reassurances of the DR community that any gatherings should be peaceful, and that they regretted the isolated attacks on the police by a small number of their group.“The Premier, Minister of Finance, Commissioner of Police and I also had a useful discussion about wider security issues. We agreed that we should consider a number of options to strengthen security measures across the community, as well as providing our reassurance to the public at large that we believed the RTCIPF, who had our full support, were working as hard as possible to solve all outstanding murders in Grand Turk and Providenciales regardless of when they were committed. We will consider options at a further meeting of the National Security Council next week, and subsequently hold a further meeting of the Security Council Advisory Group.” Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Reward offered for information on killing of 25yearold Oceanside man

first_img KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, Posted: April 18, 2018 Victim: Erik RamseyOCEANSIDE (KUSI) — Oceanside authorities sought public help Wednesday and offered a reward for information in the killing of a 25-year-old man found last week near the home where he was living with his mother.The body of Erik Ramsey was discovered at 5:14 a.m. April 11 on a sidewalk near Dubuque and McNeil streets, Oceanside police spokesman Tom Bussey said. Investigators believe Ramsey was killed sometime late on April 10.Though detectives immediately began a homicide investigation, the initial details surrounding the discovery of the body were murky, and police did not announce until Wednesday that the victim was likely murdered.Ramsey sustained wounds to his upper body, Bussey said. But what caused the injuries was still under investigation.“The (San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office) is still looking at that, so we’re not ready to release the exact cause,” Bussey told City News Service. “For now, we just know it was upper-body wounds.”Ramsey wasn’t from Oceanside but “had been here for awhile” and lived with his mother close to where his body was found, Bussey said. The area is near a large, empty tract of land that runs north all the way to the San Luis Rey River, but investigators believe Ramsey suffered the fatal injuries in the area where he was found and was not dumped there.Police did not release any information about a possible suspect or motive.Anybody with information about Ramsey’s death was urged to call the Oceanside Police Department at (760) 435-4748 or San Diego Crime Stoppers’ anonymous tip line at (888) 580-8477.Tipsters can also contact the agency at sdcrimestoppers.org. Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. Reward offered for information on killing of 25-year-old Oceanside man April 18, 2018last_img read more