first_imgA number of our customers want to store very large files in Amazon S3 — scientific or medical data, high resolution video content, backup files, and so forth. Until now, they have had to store and reference the files as separate chunks of 5 gigabytes (GB) or less. So, when a customer wanted to access a large file or share it with others, they would either have to use several URIs in Amazon S3 or stitch the file back together using an intermediate server or within an application.No more.We’ve raised the limit by three orders of magnitude. Individual Amazon S3 objects can now range in size from 1 byte all the way to 5 terabytes (TB). Now customers can store extremely large files as single objects, which greatly simplifies their storage experience. AWS has more competition than it ever has before but it still remains out front and shows no sign of giving up its leadership spot.Windows AzureWindows Azure represents Microsoft’s deep investment in the cloud. It showed this year with Steve Ballmer’s proclamation that the cloud represents Microsoft’s future. It is perhaps the most massive undertaking of any company cloud initiative. It is host to Office applications with Docs.com. It has the compute capabilities to be used for scientific research. It’s an app platform that is language independent. It looks like they got it right. It has an apps marketplace for data that developers can use to build apps. It’s a powerful combination and deserves inclusion in our top 10 list.Google Apps MarketplaceGoogle is achieving something significant with its Google Apps Marketplace. It is serving as an ecosystem for third party SaaS providers. Its success shows in its numbers. It has more than 200 apps and about four million users with access to the service. Services like SherpaTools strengthen the platform: 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts Heroku’s future looks bright. Its acquisition by Salesforce.com extends the reach for Ruby on Rail applications. Heroku has and will continue to play a significant role in validating the use of Ruby in the enterprise. It’s now a question of how it extends and works with back end systems.Salesforce.comSalesforce.com is now a platform company. This past week is testament to the role Chatter has played in the development of its strategy. Salesforce.com opened itself to a larger developer community by offering Chatter. It’s just a year old but its significance cannot be questioned. That became apparent earlier this year when it formed its alliance with VMware. VMforce is a java platform that integrates with Force.com. That set the company on a trajectory to adopt a platform strategy. Last week, in addition to its announcement about its acquisition of Heroku, Salesforce.com launched Database.com, a database environment for app developers. It’s an affordable environment. The developer does not need to invest in database technology. It is a stand-alone service available via its SOAP and REST APIs to any language on any platform or device – not just Force.com developers. We chose our top 10 services based upon what trends bubbled in 2010 and the companies and organizations that responded or even set the tone for the overall market.We looked at the entire landscape but with a particular focus on platforms.Platforms provide infrastructure and serve as developer ecosystems. Platforms are where apps are created and served. The platform ecosystem is a lot like a coral reef, an analogy we borrow from Dave Winer on occasion. Platforms attract services that cater to developers, enterprise managers and business users. These services include cloud management technologies, code repositories and identity systems.It’s through that lens that we picked our top 10.github The github services is a code repository that has skyrocketed in popularity. It’s a fountain of code, bringing life to websites and snippets of wonder that people spread all over the Web. It’s for professional developers and programming hobbyists. A new generation of developers are represented on github. They are there to stay. What they give to the community is of rich value to the entire cloud ecosystem. OpenStack This year’s new wonder of the open-source community originates from the folks at Rackspace and NASA who teamed up to build an open-source cloud development platform. Launched in July, OpenStack is available under an Apache 2.0 license. It is growing faster than most platforms do in the first year. This has to be in part due to the star power of NASA and the Rackspace presence in the cloud computing community. It has also been a masterful community development effort as illustrated by the number of developers participating. With the backing of dozens of vendors, the service will play a defining role in the evolution of open, cloud service architectures. OpenStack has awesome potential but the pressure is on to attract more partners and further grow the community. It is in the best interest of the cloud community to see this succeed. We need true, open platforms. It’s not enough to solely support open APIs.VMwareVMware defines a trend in the market for virtualized infrastructures as a standard way to access the cloud. These virtualized infrastructures require more than the data center to realize the potential of what cloud computing provides. For example, VMware’s Spring platform is proving to be a valuable way for enterprise developers to build applications based on Java code. It is serving as an app development gateway for enterprise developers who have traditionally built on a Java platform. It is helping lead the way for platforms such as Google App Engine, which has seen a marked increase in activity. Google and VMware formed an alliance earlier this year. VMware also teamed up with Salesforce.com, which in turn has created a way for developers to better launch apps off the Salesforce.com app exchange. This new service brings Salesforce.com into competition with Oracle not just in CRM but in Oracle’s oldest turf: databases. And it gives Salesforce.com a greater chance at extending deeper into the Microsoft installed base. A cloud service provides agility and speed for an enterprise. CEO Marc Benioff is the master in communicating the cloud’s value. Luckily for Benioff, Salesforce.com also has a team of smart developers. That gives Benioff a better opportunity to tell the company story. Look out – 2011 is going to be a big year for Salesforce.comSuccess FactorsSuccess Factors uses activity streams as a universal notifier and contact environment for employee productivity. It’s a different strategy than Chatter, which uses activity streams to enhance its customer relationship platform. Instead, it’s more about establishing a presence for every employee in the enterprise by offering a dashboard view. In October, the company made a big play into the business intelligence market with its acquisition of YouCalc, a SaaS service out of Denmark that does analytics across multiple applications, including Google Analytics, Mailchimp and Salesforce.com.Sucess Factors is a publicly traded company. It has a market share of about $2.5 billion and $200 million in annual revenues. It’s an application provider that provides third-party integrations. That’s not such a bad place to be when the market is turning as it is. Companies are using services to empower their employees. It represents a shift in spending that Success Factors seems primed to exploit.Amazon Web ServicesAWS is the barometer for all cloud service providers. It’s the pioneer in the cloud computing market but also the leader. By constantly optimizing, AWS is able to drop prices and add instances. The Cluster GPU instance, for example, allows companies to do operations for displaying complex graphics at high speed. This past week, AWS followed up on that news by offering more storage capacity for customers: Tags:#2010 in Review#cloud#cloud computing#Features#Year in Review Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… alex williams VMware’s next quest is to become a hybrid platform that provides Web services by offering lightweight technologies that work across multiple programing languages and platforms. VFabric is one of six new products that VMware announced at the end of August. VFabric is a set of integrated application services that include a lightweight application server, global data management, cloud-ready messaging, dynamic load balancing and application performance management. It’s a cloud platform that fits into other efforts to work with third-party service providers that offer extensions into VMware environments. These extensions means VMware can market itself as a hybrid cloud provider. That’s a good bet; it’s one of the smartest strategies we have seen from any cloud computing company this year. HerokuHeroku is the end-of-year darling of the cloud world after its neat acquisition by Salesforce.com. Neat meaning that Heroku is expected to receive $212 million in cash for its Ruby on Rails platform. The acquisition awaits approval by regulators.That’s a sweet deal for Heroku and Salesforce.com. The value is there. Heroku grew at a fast pace this past year. It is now delivering 105,000 apps from its platform. In November of last year it hosted 40,000 apps. That’s a marked increase and a bottom-line testament to Heroku’s success. It has an app ecosystem that extends through Apigee to the social powerhouses such as Twitter. It is built on the Amazon Web Services platform. Ruby developers are using it for powerful purposes. For example, Flightcaster is a service that checks your flight to see if it is on time. It can predict up to six hours in advance if your flight will be late. The app is on Heroku but uses the AWS Hadoop infrastructure to provide its optimization. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Google Apps Marketplace provides another example for how marketplaces can help create services that extend what a SaaS can offer. It also shows the strength of the Google apps suite. Cloud app marketplaces are fast emerging. Google Apps Marketplace is helping set the standard by embracing the open Web, OpenID and REST-based APIs. This gives customers ease of use and flexibility. That’s a critical combination that provides companies a level of agility that has in the past been rare to come by.TwilioTwilio is intriguing. It’s an energetic group of people who have embraced telephony in the cloud with more youthful energy compared to most companies we follow. This is a company that has a bounty of case studies for how the platform is applied. We think of it as an idea engine that demonstrates how messaging is becoming a new communications system for people. Messaging can be done through SMS or through apps that trigger information that needs to be presented in a specific context. Twilio also makes money. Its API provides ways for developers to create services that can be charged to the end user. That’s a huge market opportunity. Twilio is right there to take advantage of it.Thanks to everyone for their support in the development of ReadWriteCloud. Our community has grown quite a bit in the past year. We value your continued interest. We look forward to a new year with more coverage and insights to help you get a picture of the market, its technologies and the trends that are fueling significant innovation.last_img read more

first_imgCognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… antone gonsalves Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Cybercriminals and the mayhem they can cause have become the leading concern of security experts in cloud computing. That’s the takeaway from the Cloud Security Alliance’s latest poll on the top nine threats the industry faces.Changes In Security PrioritiesThe nonprofit’s latest survey found a reshuffling of security priorities pointing to the growing danger posed by cyberattacks aimed at stealing corporate data. Data breaches and account hijackings that were in the middle of CSA’s 2010 list of top threats rose to the number one and three spots, respectively, this year. At the same time, denial of service attacks made their debut as the fifth most worrisome threat.The CSA report is meant to give cloud service providers and their customers a snapshot of what experts see as the greatest dangers to storing data and conducting business with customers in the cloud. Fueling fears is a steady stream of break-ins at service providers and Web sites owned by businesses, government and educational institutions.So far this year, 28 breaches attributed to hackers have been made public, resulting in the loss of 117,000 data records, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Service providers hacked included Zendesk and Twitter. In 2012 there were 230 publicly disclosed breaches for a loss 9 million records. Service providers that suffered breaches included Yahoo, eHarmony and LinkedIn.Experts agree that no organization doing business on the Internet is immune from a break-in, particularly as the quality of software tools available to hackers through the underground development community continues to grow in sophistication.“All the vulnerabilities and security issues that on-premise, non-virtualized and non-cloud deployments have still remain in the cloud,” Lawrence Pingree, analyst for Gartner, said. “All that cloud and virtualization does is enhance the potential risks by introducing virtualization software and potentially mass data breach issues, if an entire cloud provider’s infrastructure is breached.”Hackers Not The Only ThreatSurprisingly, the second greatest threat in CSA’s latest list is data loss not from cybercriminals, but from cloud service providers themselves. Accidental deletion happens more often than a lot of people may think.In a survey released in January of 3,200 organizations, Symantec found that more than four in 10 had lost data in the cloud and have had to recover it through backups. “It’s really kind of astounding,” Dave Elliott, a cloud-marketing manager at the storage and security company, told Investor’s Business Daily.Whether from hackers or a service provider SNAFU, the loss of data is damaging to the reputation of all parties involved – customer and service provider — no matter who is to blame, Luciano “J.R.” Santos, global research director for the CSA, said. The potential financial impact from losing customer trust is why data loss is so high on the threats list.“It’s your reputation,” Santos said. “A lot of folks are saying these are the things that if it happened to me or if it happened to me as a provider, they would have the most impact to the business.”The fourth top threat according to the CSA marks an improvement in internal security. In 2010, insecure application programming interfaces was the second greatest threat listed by experts.APIs are what customers use to connect on premise applications with cloud services, as well as to manage the latter. While the technology is improving, the fact that it remains on the list indicates that cloud service providers still have a ways to go in locking down their APIs.The Bottom FourThe remaining top threats, starting in order with number six, are malicious insiders, abuse of cloud services, insufficient planning on how to use cloud services and the vulnerabilities that may exist as a result of the way a cloud provider architects its infrastructure, so it can be shared among many customers.Abuse of cloud services refers to hackers who rent time on the servers of cloud computing providers to perform a variety of nefarious acts, such as launching denial of service attacks and distributing spam. This along with the other bottom four threats was higher in 2010.Overall, I see this year’s list as a mixed bag for cloud security. While some areas show improvement, data protection needs to get a lot better. Gartner predicts public cloud services will reach $206.6 billion in 2016 from $91.4 billion in 2011. That much growth won’t happen unless businesses are comfortable with data security.The Notorious Nine: Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013Data BreachesData LossAccount HijackingInsecure APIsDenial of ServiceMalicious InsidersAbuse of Cloud ServicesInsufficient Due DiligenceShared Technology IssuesImage courtesy of Shutterstockcenter_img Related Posts Tags:#businesses#cloud security alliance#cloud service providers#CSA#Government#security IT + Project Management: A Love Affairlast_img read more

first_imgThe Alice Springs Masters Games were held in October with approximately 26 teams competing with players coming from all over Australia.The Masters Games is a biennial sporting event, aimed at attracting and encouraging mature, by age any way, to participate in over 30 competitive events. These games are the most friendliest Masters games held in Australia, as it is all about having a good time as well as competing in your chosen sport/s.If  you want to bring a team along or just come yourself, have a good time, meet new friends and play a bit of Touch contact the NQ Touch Office (07) 47 256 133 for more information.Mens 30          Gold                Spacific                                6       Drop Off                       Silver               Ran                                     5                       Bronze             X Men                                 5        Drop Off                       Defeated         Alice Indians                         4Mens 40          Gold                Pirates                                 5                       Silver               Alice Indians                        0Mens 45          Gold                Mt Isa Brumbies                   9                       Silver               Darwin Bundy Bears             1Mens 50          Gold                Nth Qld Living Legends          5                       Silver               Canberra Kuta Stallions        0       Womens 30     Gold                Whanau                               4                       Silver               Alice Indians                        2Womens 35     Gold                Touch of Class                     6                       Silver               All Sorts                              2                              Bronze             Bad Habits                          5                       Defeated         Flaming Dragons                   0Womens 40     Gold                Alice Springs Indians            10                            Silver               No turn up                            0Mixed 30/30     Gold                RAN                                    5                              Silver               Alice Springs Indians            3Mixed 40/35     Gold                Silver Flaming X Men            3        Drop Off                       Silver               Alice Springs Indians            2                       Bronze             X Men Dragons                                              Mixed 45/40     Gold                Nth Qld Living Legends         5                              Silver               Mt Isa Brumbies                  3Mixed 50/40     Gold                Mt Isa Brumbies                  4        Drop Off                       Silver               Canberra Kura Stallions       3                        Bronze             Nth Qld Living Legends             For further information visit the website – www.alicespringsmasters.nt.gov.au Thanks to Billy Grant for providing the article content.last_img read more

first_imgLincoln boss Cowley: I tried to sell Chapman to Evertonby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLincoln City boss Danny Cowley appreciated the response from Everton rival Marco Silva for yesterday’s FA Cup defeat.Everton managed to edge Lincoln 2-1.”I was trying to sell him Ellis Chapman, our 17-year-old who came on and played that lovely pass, and was seeing if he fancied giving us a couple of million for him,” Cowley said with a smile.”But seriously, he was really positive with everything. He said how well we had defended without the ball and how good our structure and organisation was and that we were as difficult to play against as any Premier League team he’d played against this season, which was really kind.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

first_imgTagsPremiership NewsAbout the authorIan FerrisShare the loveHave your say ​Man Utd continue to promote Malta tourismby Ian Ferrisa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United and the Government of Malta announced a multi-year partnership which will see United promote Malta as a tourist destination to its global fan base, reports www.fcbusiness.co.ukThe Club has deep and enduring ties with Malta, with the Maltese Supporters Club, one of the oldest of all the official Manchester United Supporters’ clubs, recently celebrating its 60th anniversary.As part of the partnership, Visit Malta and Manchester United will encourage the club’s fans around the world to experience the vibrant, young, exciting and beautiful country, with the Maltese Tourism Authority providing attractive travel offers exclusively for Manchester United supporters. Through the partnership, Visit Malta will get strong exposure during home matches and on the club’s digital marketing channels, social and printed media. Speaking of the partnership, Manchester United’s Director of Partnerships, Sean Jefferson, said: “Manchester United has long-standing links with Malta, welcoming hundreds of Maltese fans to Old Trafford every season. “We are proud of our association with the country and look forward to working with the Maltese Tourism Ministry and Malta Tourism Authority to highlight the destination’s many great qualities to our international fan base.” last_img read more

first_imgTavien Feaster commits to Clemson.Tavien FeasterVerbal commitments don’t mean a ton in the college football recruiting world these days, so it’s expected for fans to worry about their top prospects before they’ve been signed. Clemson fans don’t have to worry about Tavien Feaster. The 2016 five-star running back, ranked the No. 1 all-purpose back in the country by 247 Sports’ Composite Rankings, recently visited Tennessee. Shortly after his visit, he posted the following tweet. I’m committed to Clemson— FeastMode (@Fast_lane28) July 28, 2015Clemson’s 2016 class is shaping up to be a very good one. The Tigers have 11 commitments and their class is ranked the No. 15 class in the country by 247 Sports.last_img read more

first_imgCALGARY, A.B. – Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. says the actual price the federal government will pay for its Trans Mountain pipeline system and expansion project will be hundreds of millions of dollars less than the $4.5 billion it announced in May.In a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the company says it estimates it will have to pay at least $325 million in capital gains taxes to the Canadian government when the deal is concluded.It says that reduces the “net price” to $4.175 billion. The filing is designed to advise Kinder Morgan Canada shareholders in advance of their vote on the transaction in August. Houston-based parent company Kinder Morgan, Inc. owns about two-thirds of the shares.The document also recounts the negotiations that led to the deal, including an initial offer by the company to give the government a five per cent equity stake in return for financial guarantees and Ottawa’s counter suggestion it could buy 51 per cent of the pipeline assets.The filing notes that once they decided on a 100 per cent sale, Kinder Morgan offered to sell for $6.5 billion and the government came back with a counter offer of $3.85 billion.An attached report from adviser TD Securities concludes that the deal as negotiated is fair for shareholders.last_img read more

first_imgFacing Roger Federer in a finale and toppling him is always special and requires special effort too. For an elated Dominic Thiem, triumphing over the legend in the BNP Paribas Open final was as dreamy as it could get. The Austrian, long heralded as among most talented of his generation, put up a classy display against the Swiss to clinch his first-ever ATP Masters 1000 trophy 3-6, 6-3, 7-5 on scoreboard. Having experienced a topsy-turvy start to the season, the finale began on similar lines with the 25-year-old striving hard to get his nose in front. Hunting for his 12th ATP Tour prize in total, the Austrian seemed hell bent on putting an end to Roger’s starry line of 20 straight final victories. As the encounter progressed, it didn’t take Thiem very long to find his stride – accredited to his dizzying backhands – and turn the tables against the bigwig who was awaiting his 101st career title and 28th at the Masters 1000 level. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over ChandigarhHowever, after two hours and two minutes of tennis, he was more or less in seventh heaven – lying on the court celebrating his roller coaster ride of a tournament, where he didn’t drop a set on his way to the galvanizing semi-final against Milos Raonic, which he narrowly won before scripting a milestone victory in his third final appearance. Presently, he occupies the 4th spot in the ATP rankings – equaling his highest career ranking. On the other hand, there are the adventures of Bianca Andreescu – a wild card entry at Indian Wells. She kicked off her 2019 campaign outside the top 100 in the world – but, since then, the teen has come a long way to reach the 24th spot in the rankings. The 18-year-old arrived in the Coachella valley on the back of two finals played this year; and, watching her in the business was a fascinating sight to behold as she went on to register seven wins in the competition, upsetting No 6 and 8 seeds en route the finale. And, not to forget the 6-0, 6-1 drabbing of Grand Slam winner Gabrine Muguruza in the quarters. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced laterAs she climbed the ladder, the semi-final and final against top seeds Elina Svitolina and Angelique Kerber appeared to be tough nuts to crack. But, here again, she audaciously managed to not reel under pressure, albeit moments of wavering focus and inconsistency in between, which only bemoaned a lack of experience, inevitable for a young player playing at such a high level. Nevertheless, the Canadian, showcasing power plays throughout the tournament, bagged over a million in cash prize and has now become the youngest woman to win the Indian Wells – something no wild card has ever pulled off. Replicating Serena Williams’s feat achieved in 1999 in her teenage years, the signs of a formidable player have already started to surface as she has bested all three top-10 opponents she’s faced till date – perhaps marking a glittering future in the sport.last_img read more

English FA fined £50k for England players wearing the wrong socks

first_imgAs if England’s World Cup exit was not hurtful enough, FIFA have now fined the English Football Association (FA) 70,000 Swiss francs (£50,000) after three of the national side’s players wore “unauthorised” socksThe culprits were Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Raheem Sterling who had been wearing the Devon-made Trusox over their official Nike socks after ignoring warnings from FIFA to stop doing it.Due to their actions, FIFA have now retaliated and announced they are fining the FA for “breaching media and marketing regulations and the FIFA equipment regulations”.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“FIFA had previously requested the Football Association to cease the activity that led to the sanction,” read a statement, via the Independent.“In particular, several members of the English national team continued to display unauthorised commercial branding on playing equipment items before and during the quarter-final match between Sweden and England.”The Swedish FA have also been handed the same fine by FIFA for committing a similar offence earlier in the tournament.last_img read more